3 White Sox that should follow Oscar Colas back to AAA

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2. Lenyn Sosa

Lenyn Sosa should finish the season with Charlotte after this failed year.

The Chicago White Sox brought up Lenyn Sosa during the 2022 season from AA. That was one of the great mistakes that they have made.

He should have gone straight to AAA from AA instead of making that kind of ump. Of course, he struggled in MLB last year and then was sent down to AAA Charlotte.

Now, he has been back and forth all year long but he is currently with the big-league club. He does not belong there and should go back to Charlotte immediately.

Sosa is currently slashing .193/.197/.341 for an OPS of .538. He has 26 hits (five of them left the yard) with 13 RBI and 11 runs scored in 42 games played including last night's second leg of the doubleheader.

His WAR of -0.8 in that little of playing time is horrific. He should be back down in AAA to see if he is even good enough to play there.