3 White Sox that should follow Oscar Colas back to AAA

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3. Korey Lee

The White Sox should be sending Korey Lee back down to the minors.

Korey Lee is trying really hard to not join the list of White Sox prospects that fail. However, they are trying hard to make that happen.

Lee is an upgrade on the defensive side of things. Awesome, this season is over and they just need to get it over with. He can continue working on that craft in AAA.

They are going to stunt his offensive development if they keep him up too long. He doesn't need to become a superstar hitter if he is great at catching but his current slash line of .081/.171/.162 for an OPS of .333 is terrible.

He could be the greatest defensive catcher who ever lived and those offensive stats would keep him out of the league! He has a -0.1 WAR for a reason.

The White Sox got Lee as a prospect at the trade deadline. If they ever want him to become something, they should start taking care of his development.

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