3 White Sox that should have been traded during spring training

The Chicago White Sox should have traded these guys during spring training.
Atlanta Braves v Chicago White Sox
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The White Sox should have traded Eloy Jimenez a long time ago.

Eloy Jimenez has been nothing but a great power hitter when he's healthy. The problem is that he has been hurt way more than healthy over the course of his White Sox tenure.

It would have been smart to trade him in each of the last few White Sox spring training periods. He is always a risk to get hurt no matter what time of year it is.

He has even been hurt for a stretch already this season. He came back a lot faster than some would have thought but he did miss some time.

This is a rebuilding team. The White Sox are not going to be good while and Eloy Jimenez certainly won't be able to help them by the time they are ready to win again.

If he went to a new team, he wouldn't have much pressure to be a star offensive producer like he has had in Chicago. That could help him relax and get back to being the hitter that everyone knows he can be.

There are plenty of reasons to take a chance on him if you're a contender. He'd be able to come into anyone's sixth spot of the order and help them win. It still could happen but they probably should have done it during spring training.