3 White Sox that should have been traded during spring training

The Chicago White Sox should have traded these guys during spring training.
Atlanta Braves v Chicago White Sox
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Gavin Sheets could have been a trade candidate during spring training.

The Chicago White Sox have had some good moments with Gavin Sheets. He is what he is which is a power hitting lefty. He isn't a gamebreaking star or anything like that but he can produce from time to time.

A lot of teams would love to add a power hitting lefty that could play first base or the outfield. He could also just simply be a designated hitter as well.

If they traded Gavin Sheets during spring training, a team would be getting 162 games worth of chances to platoon him.

The good thing for the White Sox is that he got off to an incredibly hot start so his value may continue to climb over time. As of right now, Sheets is slashing .267/.362/.444 with an OPS of .806. He has three HRs, 11 RBIs, and 9 runs scored.

He was good in spring training too so they could have gotten something for him then if they wanted. You never know what teams may offer if the White Sox made him available.

The important thing now is that they get rid of him before he really starts to hit a slump. His value may be the highest it ever is going to be.