3 wild Chicago White Sox trade packages that send Garrett Crochet to Cubs

The Chicago White Sox could trade Garrett Crochet. The Chicago Cubs may be interested.
Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox
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The Chicago White Sox may find it hard to get through this season without Garrett Crochet. Certainly, there are teams out there that want a good starter who can also come out of the bullpen.

Crochet should probably be traded only if the White Sox are getting something great in return. If the package is anything underwhelming, they should say no.

One team that might be able to present a good package is the Chicago Cubs. They are having a decent start to the season and are in the Wild Card mix.

One of the Cubs big weaknesses is the bullpen but they could also use another starter. Based on his career history, he can come out of the pen.

However, if he wants to be a starter, the team that he plays for should afford him the opportunity. The Cubs should be able to add a starter like Crochet and work on their bullpen. These three trades might be enough:

To Cubs - Garrett Crochet LHP

To White Sox - Kevin Alcantara OF, Kohl Franklin RHP

The Chicago White Sox may get some good prospects in a deal like this

The Chicago White Sox should reach for the sky when trading Garrett Crochet. He has pitched well enough to earn that for the White Sox. He is a stud and shouldn’t be traded for a bag of baseballs.

Kevin Alcantara is the number four prospect in the Chicago Cubs system who plays in the outfield. He has star potential which is something the White Sox need. 

Kohl Franklin is their number 25 prospect. He has slowly gone down the ladder in their system and is now going to be out for a while. If the White Sox take a chance on him, he may come back better than ever. 

Both of these guys could end up being good MLB players one day. That type of ceiling should be on Chris Getz’s list when he goes to make a trade involving Crochet.