3 wild Chicago White Sox trade packages that send Garrett Crochet to Cubs

The Chicago White Sox could trade Garrett Crochet. The Chicago Cubs may be interested.
Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox
Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages
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To Cubs - Garrett Crochet LHP

To White Sox - Matt Shaw 3B, Drew Gray LHP

The White Sox may be able to ask for more from the Cubs in a trade

The Chicago White Sox don’t necessarily have their third baseman of the future in the organization. Yoan Moncada is likely going to be gone soon (and he’s not even that good), Jake Burger is a Miami Marlins player, and none of their prospects stand out. 

In a trade for Crochet, a guy like Matt Shaw is a good player to consider in return. He is a third-base prospect who has high hopes of being an MLB player one day. Right now, the Cubs have him as their number 10 guy. 

In addition to Shaw, the White Sox may look for a LHP that can replace Crocher’s spot one day. Finding a good lefty is hard but this trade could be the type of risk work taking. 

If the White Sox do end up making a trade like this, getting two highly-ranked players like this is the way to go. They should hang up the phone if prospects like this aren’t included.