3 wild Chicago White Sox trade packages that send Garrett Crochet to Cubs

The Chicago White Sox could trade Garrett Crochet. The Chicago Cubs may be interested.
Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox
Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages
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To Cubs - Garrett Crochet LHP, Michael Kopech RHP

To White Sox - Cade Horton RHP, Jefferson Rojas SS

This could turn into a blockbuster for the Cubs and White Sox

Imagine if this Garrett Crochet trade turned into a blockbuster deal. It could be something that works out very well for both teams. It is something to think about. 

What if the White Sox also sent Michael Kopech? Crochet and Kopech are both pitching well this season and should be attractive to teams trying to make the playoffs. 

If the Cubs made a move like this, their pitching staff would get a major boost. They are both guys that can make starts or come out of the bullpen. The Cubs would probably use Crochet as a starter and Kopech as a reliever just like the White Sox do. 

Cade Horton is the number one prospect in the Cubs’ system. This would be the White Sox making a huge trade for one of MLB’s top prospects. They have him ranked as the number 18 prospect in the world. 

Jefferson Rojas is their number six prospect. He is a shortstop with a high ceiling. Their number seven prospect, Fernando Cruz, is way younger so he makes more sense for the Cubs long-term considering Dansby Swanson’s contract. 

A trade like this would be great for Getz and his staff. If he wants to prove that he’s the person for this job, a deal like this would send a message that he isn’t messing around with this rebuild.