4 recent non-tenders that make sense for the Chicago White Sox

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2. Bradley Zimmer

Bradley Zimmer is someone that the Chicago White Sox could use now.

Bradley Zimmer is someone that could come in as a bench outfielder in the minor leagues and be a good replacement option for the White Sox if they have another injury-riddled season in 2023. He isn't a very good hitter at all but he can play the outfield just fine.

His offensive numbers were terrible in 2022 but he had a positive WAR because he was fine defensively. He doesn't have a Gold Glove or anything like that but he is good enough out there. The Charlotte Knights and Chicago White Sox might benefit from a guy like this.

Zimmer is probably a little extra hungry after being cut. He started the 2022 season with the Toronto Blue Jays but he was put on waivers. He was selected by the eventual National League Champion Philadelphia Phillies.

Unfortunately for him, the Phillies also put him back on waivers and Toronto picked him back up. That had to be a wild ride for him but he ended up getting into 109 Major League games this season which is always nice.

He was non-tendered by Toronto when the season ended. He is going to latch onto a Major League team's organization and can find his way back if he plays well. Again, the White Sox might need defensive help in the outfield so he is someone to consider if they go the extremely cheap route.