4 recent non-tenders that make sense for the Chicago White Sox

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3. Rafael Ortega

Rafael Ortega is someone for the Chicago White Sox to consider for 2023.

The Chicago White Sox historically like to bring in guys that are comfortable with the city of Chicago. Well, Rafael Ortega has been non-tendered by the Chicago Cubs after a few good seasons there. Of course, there were ups and downs but he is someone that should be able to get an opportunity.

Ortega has had a cup of coffee with a few other Major League teams before spending 2021 and 2022 with the Chicago Cubs. He was a decent player but the Cubs are just moving on from a player like this. He isn't what they need anymore.

The White Sox are better right now and could use a depth piece like this while the Cubs are looking to see more from younger players. At 31 years old, he might be able to contribute more to a winning team looking for depth which is exactly what the White Sox could use.

If the White Sox went this route, he wouldn't have to move very far when it comes to his baseball home. If he could come in and provide a bit of a spark to the lineup as a bench piece, it is something for Rick Hahn to consider. With the constant injuries to the players in the outfield, help is wanted.