4 White Sox players that won't make it to August 1st

Cincinnati Reds v Chicago White Sox
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Lucas Giolito

The Chicago White Sox could be trading Lucas Giolito at any point.

In a perfect world, Lucas Giolito and the White Sox agree to an extension and he helps this team win after retooling. Unfortunately, with Giolito being the team's best asset on the trade block, trading him is required for the retooling. 

Many fans have given up on Giolito. His lack of consistency is frustrating but he gives his all every five days.

When the broadcast pans over to the dugout, he is the only one with energy, slamming his hands on the padding railing to fire up his teammates, it makes up for his struggles while he tries to figure himself out. 

However, this front office has shown zero interest in resigning their once ace which means he must at least be traded. Letting Giolito walk for nothing would be unforgivable and Sox fans might riot down to 35th and Shields. 

Many teams have asked about Giolito. Unlike Lynn, Giolito will be that ace or number two for contenders like the Diamondbacks, Reds, Rangers, and Dodgers. 

Considering he could be relied on in the first game of a series drives up his asking price. His rental status, however, takes it down a notch. There is an angle Hahn and company can pitch. Whichever team wins the Giolito sweepstakes will be first in line to offer an extension. 

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