5 Chicago White Sox players who won't survive the trade deadline

Chicago White Sox v Oakland Athletics
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3. Lance Lynn

Lance Lynn has pitched well enough to go to a contender at the deadline.

The White Sox don’t only have one starter that won’t survive the trade deadline. We don’t even know if they only have two.

However, it is fair to assume that Lance Lynn is the other starter whose name is out there. He is a very interesting case when it comes to the trade market. 

Lynn was brutal to start the season. That might actually be putting it lightly. However, he has pitched much better lately and has proven that he can eat some innings. 

Lynn is also striking out opposing hitters at an elite rate. Contending teams might look at that fact and believe that they can win with him late in their rotation or perhaps even in their playoff bullpen. 

Lynn has a ton of pedigree in this league. He has won a World Series, been in Cy Young conversations, and brings an incredible winning attitude wherever he goes. We’ll see what the White Sox can get for him.