5 Chicago White Sox players who won't survive the trade deadline

Chicago White Sox v Oakland Athletics
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4. Kendall Graveman

The Chicago White Sox have bullpen help for those who need it.

Yes, another pitcher. Kendall Graveman is someone that could be sent away from the Chicago White Sox before the August 1st deadline. He might even land them a decent haul for a variety of reasons.

Unlike Giolito and Lynn, Graveman is a reliever. There are teams out there that might value that more than a starter depending on their makeup.

Last summer, we saw relievers traded for some great returns ahead of the deadline. The White Sox are a team now that could take advantage of that market if it is there once again. 

Graveman, especially in a winning environment, could absolutely thrive. He has experience pitching in high-pressure situations and teams will know that when potentially acquiring him. 

Obviously, the White Sox bullpen will be taking a hit if they were to lose someone like Graveman but it doesn’t matter at this point of the season. If there is an offer out there for him of any kind, the Sox need to jump on it.