5 Chicago White Sox players who won't survive the trade deadline

Chicago White Sox v Oakland Athletics
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5. Joe Kelly

Joe Kelly could be moved if everything goes right for him this week.

Kendall Graveman might not be the only reliever worth something to teams as the trade deadline approaches. Pitching is at a premium during this time of year.

If Joe Kelly is deemed healthy enough by the deadline, he may get some interest. He has pitched well this season for the most part which is a reason he could end up going.

Like Graveman, he also has a wealth of experience playing in big games. In fact, Kelly is probably one of the most well-experienced players in the league right now. This dude won the World Series twice and with two different teams. His experience is invaluable.

A reliever like Kelly is something that every team in the league wants. He is on the Injured List right now which clouds his future but he could come off before the deadline comes.

If that happens, the White Sox might be showcasing him to other teams. That really applies to all five of these guys. We'll certainly see whether or not they survive the deadline or not.

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