5 more ways the Chicago White Sox were an embarrassment last week

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General manager Chris Getz doubles down on signing Clevinger.

There were no documented incidents of Clevinger causing trouble in the White Sox clubhouse last season. That still does not erase the major character issues regarding Clevinger. His teammates in Cleveland wanted him off the team after he broke COVID protocols during the 2020 season.

Then he was accused of domestic abuse by a former girlfriend and mother to one of his children. He did not disclose that MLB was investigating him because of the accusations when the organization signed him. MLB did not suspend him which makes many think he was cleared even though he agreed to evaluations by the joint treatment boards under the collective bargaining agreement.

Clevinger's past does not make him a prime candidate for trying to fix the character problems this team had in 2023. He was the team's most productive pitcher, but he was also waived last season and no team wanted him. Clevinger also spent the entire offseason and spring training on the free agent market. That means his services were available to 29 other teams and every team said pass despite a 2.2 fWAR 2023 season.

You have to think character played a role in that happening.

Getz was not happy with the starting rotation and decided that since no discipline was dished out, it was okay to bring back Clevinger.

Getz's logic misses the point that the White Sox are the only team that values Clevinger. They are the only franchise that thinks Clevinger is this outstanding pitcher when he is really an injury-prone, decent player. In addition, there were other free-agent options the Sox could have signed during spring training (cough Michael Lorenzen) and went with Brad Keller instead.

Getz said he does not want to be dismissive of Clevinger's domestic issue, but he is dismissing it because MLB decided not to suspend him.

The Sox need a pitcher to eat up some innings and would rather have Clevinger do it than rookie Nick Nastrini, who earned a spot with a strong spring. It is a rebuilding year and Getz would rather take the PR hit than see what he has in a promising prospect. That is so White Sox.