5 reasons to question the 2023 Chicago White Sox's improvement

Chicago White Sox v San Diego Padres
Chicago White Sox v San Diego Padres / John E. Moore III/GettyImages
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2. No proven closer

The Chicago White Sox don't have a proven closer to start the year.

Letting Abreu walk away is, without question, the White Sox's fault. Losing closer to Liam Hendriks as he undergoes treatment for non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, of course, is nobody's fault.

But that doesn't solve the problem. How does losing your closer make you a better team than you were a year ago?

One could argue that the Sox lost their best two players from last year (Abreu and Hendriks) without receiving anything in return.

The Sox hope a committee of closers can fill in until Hendriks returns. Again, it's the Dorothy clicking her heels and hoping to wake up from a bad dream theory at work.