5 Reasons To Watch The Chicago White Sox This Season

It starts with Luis Robert Jr.
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Colson Montgomery's debut.

The Sox' top prospect should make his major-league debut at some point this season. He is most likely headed to Triple-A to start the year since an injury limited how many at-bats he got in the minors last season.

At some point, Paul DeJong is going to be hitting south of .220 and Colson will be raking in Charlotte. That temptation to call him up will be too great especially if the Sox need a draw at the gate.

The shortstop is a top-10 prospect overall. He is 22 and can hit from the left side. He is probably the team's most exciting prospect since Robert Jr. and Eloy.

Hopefully, he lives up to the hype.

If he does, he has the potential to be a franchise anchor for a decade. Also, he could be the team's first 100-million-dollar contract.

Nick Nastrini and Jake Eder making their debuts.

It is highly likely these two young arms start a game or come out of the bullpen. Michael Kopech is bound to fail. The hope is Michael Soroka can stay healthy, but chances are good he ends up on the IL at some point. Hoping Erick Fredde and Chris Flexen can have career years is foolhardy.

Even if that does happen, it means those two should be flipped at the deadline.

That means at some point the Sox' two top pitching prospects after Noah Schultz should be making their starting debuts at some point.

Eder came to the Sox in the Jake Burger trade while Nastrini came over in the Lance Lynn deal. Both have the stuff to lead a rotation or at least be solid starting pitchers for six years. Hopefully, we get to see that potential at some point this season.