5 teams the Chicago White Sox should be looking to trade with

The Chicago White Sox should be looking to make some trades soon.
Washington Nationals v Chicago White Sox
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The Phillies would be able to use some of these White Sox players to their advantage 

The Philadelphia Phillies are the top team in all of baseball right now. Whether it ends like that remains to be seen but they don't care about about having the best record. They want to be the last team standing.

Philly has been a top team in the league for a few years now. Even coming in second or third place in the NL East Division has seen them make the playoffs and deep runs.

They have been as far as the World Series but were defeated once they got there. After being so close but coming up short, getting over the edge is a top priority now.

Whether it is another pitcher or a big bat that the White Sox have available, they have a good enough farm system to make a good trade with the White Sox. There are plenty of options for both sides to get a deal done.

The Seattle Mariners would love a boost from the Chicago White Sox

The Seattle Mariners are in first place in the AL West. They had a very disappointing 2023 season after 2022 was incredible for them.

They didn't win the World Series in 2022 but they ended a multiple-decade-long drought of making the playoffs. Missing the playoffs (despite being a decent team still) in 2023 had to hurt.

They don't want to become like the White Sox where they go so far backward that they can't recover. They need to stay the course and be a playoff team this year.

The 2023 World Series Champion Texas Rangers and the 2022 World Series champion Houston Astros are both in their division but are off to slower-than-expected starts.

If the Mariners want to stay ahead of them, they need more help. They haven't been shy about making big trades and now is not the time to stop. The White Sox can help them like they can all of the teams on this list.

At the end of the day, you can expect the White Sox to be big-time sellers ahead of the 2024 MLB Trade Deadline. We'll see who they partner up with.