5 ways Eloy Jimenez's latest injury impacts the Chicago White Sox in the short and long run

He has a strained hamstring.
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There are three immediate impacts...

The White Sox are losing a bat that has been productive over the past seven days with a .286/.348/.373 slash line and the best pure power barrel in the lineup.

It does clear up some playing time issues in the outfield as Gavin Sheets should now go back to DH where he was very productive when Eloy was hurt at the beginning of the season.

That means the Sox should be able to get Corey Julks in the lineup regularly and even get some at-bats for Dominic Fletcher. Pedro made a terrible comment yesterday regarding why Fletcher was not seeing the field after being recalled from Triple-A Charlotte.

It still means one of the pillars of the lineup, Andrew Benintendi has to play. He may be a rotted pillar be at least the Sox can rotate Pham, Fletcher, and Julks in right and center.

Although, maybe Benintendi will stay on the bench a bit longer as the White Sox are reportedly calling up Zach DeLoach.

DeLoach battled Fletcher in spring training for the starting right fielder job. It is worth seeing what he can do since his already 25 and has a .263 batting average at Triple-A Charlotte along with a respectable .701 OPS. That is OPS does not have a ton of slug propping it up, but his on-base percentage is .358 and his career minor league OBP is .375. The Sox need guys who can get on base right now.