5 ways Eloy Jimenez's latest injury impacts the Chicago White Sox in the short and long run

He has a strained hamstring.
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His injury impacts the Sox' long-term plans in two ways...

Well, if it wasn’t already decided, it has to be by now that Eloy’s team option should not be picked up after the season. The Sox hold a $16.5 million option for next season and $18.5 million for 2026. $33 million is too much for a player who spends more time on the IL than on the basepath. Ironically, it is the basepath where he picks up most of his injuries.

Jimenez missed 107 games in 2021, 78 in 2022, and 42 last season. His career high in games played came during his rookie year in 2019 and that was 122.

Eloy already missed two weeks this season with a soft-tissue injury. You cannot trust him to be in the lineup. It also means the Sox do not have a reliable, long-term DH option through 2026.

Spending more time on the injured list than in games also means his trade value has to be next to nothing. He has a poor batting run value according to Baseball Savant and poor plate discipline.

Lack of availability and lack of discipline at the plate makes it doubtful a contender is going to be like here is a top prospect for Eloy’s bat. The Sox would be lucky to get what they got for Robbie Grossman right now.

Instead, the Sox will have to hope Eloy can come back soon and ride whatever production they can get from him. They can then let him go and even if it will be for nothing, it is not like he is giving him a ton of time to make them regret it.