8 bold predictions for the Chicago White Sox this season

Luis Robert Jr. is going to do something special this season.

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The Chicago White Sox are not projected to win much this season.

Fangraphs projects the White Sox will win 67 games. PECOTA forecasts the Sox to win around 65 games and gives them a zero chance of making the playoffs. So much for that quick turnaround after losing 101 games in 2023.

But hey, it is Opening Day and there are always reasons to be optimistic on this day even if the Sox only have two players projected to finish with an fWAR over two.

It also means it is time to make some predictions. Since I am not forecasting how a stock will do or how to place a wager, who cares if I am wrong? So, let's be bold with these predictions.

1) Luis Robert Jr. will finish with a 40/40 season.

The White Sox' best player discussed during spring training that he wants to pursue hitting 40 dingers and stealing 40 bags. He can do it with his immense talent. Robert Jr. would have won the AL MVP last season had the Sox not lost over 100 games and Shohei Ohtani not played in the American League.

As long as he stays healthy, he will get this done.

2) Andrew Vaughn will make the All-Star team.

Vaughn will have a breakout season. He is projected to be more than just a replacement-level player this season. However, he is forecasted to go from 0.3 fWAR to 1.6. Fangraphs' projections have him finishing with a .263/.325/.453 slash line and 25 home runs. He is predicted to be an 8.1 fWAR offensive player.

He has improved his home run total the past two seasons by four. He might just be able to improve those numbers by a few dingers. If he is ripping hits, he has the talent to be an AL All-Star.

3) Eloy Jimenez will avoid a long IL stint and get traded at the deadline

Jimenez has only played over 100 games twice in his career. This is the final year of his guaranteed years on his contract. After that, it is two club options. It is in his best interest to stay in the lineup.

Maybe that is why Eloy had a monster spring training as he is hopefully focused on staying on the field and mashing home runs like he did during his rookie season. If he can do that, his trade value should be somewhat reclaimed and he will be moved to a contender in need of a power bat.