8 bold predictions for the Chicago White Sox this season

Luis Robert Jr. is going to do something special this season.

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6) Martin Maldonado will be designated for assignment

The veteran catcher was brought in for his ability to handle a pitching staff and play the defensive aspect of the position. He is not expected to hit much this year. Fangraphs projects him to hit just .184.

His defensive skills are already starting to erode and being an automatic out will eventually get him cut. Korey Lee is younger, less expensive, and will probably produce better (not by much) at the plate than Maldonado.

7) Dominic Fletcher will finally solve the eternal problem the Sox have had in right field.

Last year it was supposed to be Oscar Colas who would finally be the Sox' long-term answer in right field. He failed just like every other player the Southsiders have put out there. The Sox have been searching for a reliable, everyday right fielder since Jermaine Dye retired. That is 14 seasons running.

Fletcher might be nothing more than a replacement-level player but considering some of the disasters the Sox have put out in right, replacement-level is all they need right now.

8) Yoan Moncada will win a Gold Glove and play 140 games.

If Moncada wants to earn another $25 million next season, he needs to replicate his career season from 2019. Moncada, like Eloy, is in the final guaranteed year of his contract. The Sox have a club option for next season.

Moncada has missed a ton of time with injuries the past two seasons. If he stays on the field and hits like he did in 2019, then he has a good shot of getting that option exercised. Well, it is still possible it gets declined with how cheap ownership is.

Moncada has become an excellent fielding third baseman. If he is healthy, he has the ability to win a Gold Glove.