Alex Reyes would make perfect sense for the Chicago White Sox

St Louis Cardinals v Cincinnati Reds - Game Two
St Louis Cardinals v Cincinnati Reds - Game Two / Dylan Buell/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox should be considering all options when it comes to free agency. They have a lot to do this offseason and making a few upgrades at certain positions will be at the top of the list.

Last week, there were a lot of players that became free agents because they weren't tendered by their teams.

One of those players is Alex Reyes who was non-tendered by the St. Louis Cardinals last week. He is a right-handed reliever that is not looking for a new Major League Baseball home.

This is a guy who has been derailed by injuries over his career that began with such high potential. He was a National League All-Star with the St. Louis Cardinals in 2021 but didn't play at all in 2022.

The Chicago White Sox need to do whatever they can to get better.

It is not clear whether or not he will be ready to start the 2023 Major League season with whoever he signs with but he could be worth the risk if the price is right. If he is going to be healthy enough by a certain point, the Chicago White Sox should consider it.

They are going to be needing to make some changes to their bullpen this winter if they want to get better. They used a few people last year that didn't do their job the way that we thought that they are going to. Someone like Reyes might be able to help out.

In his career, he has a career ERA of 2.86 with 177 strikeouts over 145.0 innings pitched. The sample size isn't big because of the afformentioned injuries but that is pretty good although his ERA is more likely to hover around the high threes if he does come back.

With the White Sox trying to rectify a horrid 2022 season, everything should be on the table. If he is healthy he might be able to help this team. People will be more mad at the fact that Rick Hahn just acquired another mid-level reliever but this one could be worth the risk.

It would also be one of those things that could be terminated if it doesn't work out. A minor league deal to start off could be on the table but the White Sox need to have an open mind about everything.

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