An early letter grade for every Chicago White Sox starting pitcher

Chicago White Sox v Cincinnati Reds
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Mike Clevinger - D

Clevinger came to Chicago on a prove-it one-year deal. So far, he has proven he's the same pitcher he was last season with the San Diego Padres which is a little bit below mediocrity.

Clevinger is the same type of pitcher on the rubber when he's playing through injury and when he's completely healthy which in his case, is not ideal.

While he has had a few excellent outings, he's still 2-3 with a 4.84 ERA. He also only has 33 punchouts in 35 innings pitched.

Clevinger is at his best when his slider is moving across the plate and his fastball is flying through the top half of the zone. He hasn't shown that many times this year and his numbers suggest that.

Clevinger most likely won't be brought back as a Chicago White Sox pitcher and like they have tried out an abundance of times in the past, Clevinger will be added to that big name of lists that couldn't bounce back on a one-year deal as a White Sox player.

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