Chicago White Sox: 2022 player grade for Aaron Bummer

Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox
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The Chicago White Sox are a team that has had some excellent bullpen pitchers over the years. One of the best of them is Aaron Bummer who has been a great Major League reliever over the years. He has dealt with some injuries from time to time but he is most reliable when he is on the field.

Aaron Bummer relies a lot on his sinker when it comes to his fastball usage. As a result, he needs his defense to back him up every now and then when hitters smash the ball into the ground when they make contact. Sometimes, it creates "bad luck" types of play.

He also has some other nasty pitches in his pocket that he uses effectively more often than not. With some of the other good pitchers there in the bullpen, he has been able to be a part of a great unit that helps them win games.

If the offense gets a lead and the starter goes six innings, they should have what it takes to win the game and Bummer is right in the middle of it. There are still things to work on but he is overall a really good pitcher that any championship-level team would love to have.

Final Grade: C

Aaron Bummer has been a good pitcher for the Chicago White Sox.

Aaron Bummer gets a C because he pitched really well in 2022. He had a low ERA of 2.36 and 30 strikeouts in 26.2 innings. He is clearly able to make some big pitches in high-leverage spots which is incredibly valuable to his team.

The reason it isn't an A or a B is the fact that he missed most of the season. He only appeared in 32 games which is not a lot at all. It isn't his fault that he got hurt and it wasn't his choice but the fact remains that he wasn't out there to help his team enough to get a better grade.

If he had a typical workload and managed an ERA of 2.36, he'd be getting an A. There is also a chance that the White Sox bullpen wouldn't have been somewhat disappointing in 2022. Expect a bounce-back season in 2022 if he can stay healthy.

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