Chicago White Sox: 2022 player grade for Kendall Graveman

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The Chicago White Sox made a lot of additions to their bullpen in 2022. One of them was Kendall Graveman who had had some recent success with a few other teams across Major League Baseball. He was brought in for high-leverage situations in baseball games that are supposed to be wins.

Graveman had some up-and-down moments with them this year. There were plenty of games that turned out to be bad for him and the team but it was largely because of other factors as well. He was a really good pitcher when the rest of the team played to their potential as well.

He had an ERA of 3.18 in 65 games. That is not bad at all for a year in which he had a career-high in games played. You'd have to go back to his days as a starter to find years where he eclipsed the 65.0 innings pitched mark that he put up in 2022.

In those 65.0 innings pitched, he had 66 strikeouts so you know his stuff was on point a good amount of the time. He probably would like to cut down on the hits and walks in 2023 but it wasn't a bad year by any means. He accumulated a WAR of 1.0.

Final Grade: B

Kendall Graveman was good for the White Sox but he can be even better.

Kendall Graveman deserves a B for his season. His ERA, hits, and walks were just a tad high so he can't get an A but he came in during some high-leverage situations and got the job done more often than not.

The good news is that he has a lot to strive for heading into 2023 which can help him get even better. If Liam Hendriks isn't traded, Graveman will be one of his primary setup men as a guy to get the ball to him in an attempt to win a game that they have a lead in.

Graveman probably won't have many appearances in games that they are losing and if they are it is by two runs or less with a chance to win still. It was a good year for him but he has the stuff to be even better and there is no negotiating that.

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