Chicago White Sox: 2022 player grade for Seby Zavala

Detroit Tigers v Chicago White Sox
Detroit Tigers v Chicago White Sox / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox didn't get the best out of Yasmani Grandal in 2022 as he had an awful year. He is supposed to be their starting catcher with no questions asked but that was in doubt all season long as he was terrible.

Seby Zavala got called up throughout the season and eventually, it was clear that he deserved to be behind the plate in most games. He isn't a superstar or anything like that but you know that you'll be getting good at-bats and good defensive catching with him behind the plate.

In 2022 as a hitter, Zavala had a slash of .270/.347/.382 with two home runs and 21 RBI with 22 runs scored. All of his batting stats and defensive metrics gave him a bWAR of 1.0 which is decent for a "backup catcher". Again, he is not a star but he is worth having on an MLB roster.

There are some players that would get a lower grade with Zavala's stats and WAR but he was outstanding in the role that he is placed in. He was better at his position and his plate than the highest-paid player in the history of the organization who plays the same position.

2022 Final Grade: A

He deserves an A for accepting and executing his role as well as anyone on the team. There were no complaints about his game at any point in the season. There were even defensive plays at the plate where he made a sweet tag or a pick which made you think highly of his abilities.

In 2023, he may get another look with the team. Nobody should be surprised if the White Sox tries to make upgrades anywhere in the organization but Zavala is the least of their worries right now. He continued to do everything right and never made a peep about anything good or bad.

If he is playing better than Grandal come 2023, he deserves to play more. Whoever is making more money should not even slightly matter to anyone. This is a good player that should be in the lineup if he helps give them the best chance to win. He deserves the A grade based on his expectations.

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