Chicago White Sox: 3 reasons Rick Hahn was fired

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2. Poor evaluation of talent

Rick Hahn is one of the worst evaluators of talent in team history.

Throughout his tenure as the general manager of the Chicago White Sox, Rick Hahn was always a horrific evaluator of talent.

Everyone in the league thought Yoan Moncada was going to be a superstar. He was the number-one prospect in the league at the time of the trade. He didn't make those rankings but he certainly listened to them.

There have been some good players that had tremendous seasons but nothing was ever able to last with this team.

There were a lot of players that appeared to be amazing but once they got to the White Sox they started to really fail.

Most of his trades and signings involved mediocre to bad players. He was also terrible with the MLB Draft. He made tons of selections and most of them turned out to be busts. Drafting, signing, and trading all need to improve with whoever replaces Hahn.