Chicago White Sox: 3 wild trade packages for Mike Trout

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Trade One

The Chicago White Sox are in need of a big move for their franchise.

To White Sox: Mike Trout

To Angels: Colson Montgomery, Eloy Jimenez, Michael Kopech, Noah Schultz

Adding a player like Mike Trout would do wonders for the fanbase in Chicago. Trout would not come to the White Sox and make them a winner but he would add some excitement to the organization.

Luis Robert Jr., at this point in time, is probably the centerfielder out of those two in terms of defense but they could easily rotate. You can put the other in right field and not miss a beat. It isn't like this team has a better right-field option anyway.

Having Trout's bat in the lineup would change everything. That is why giving up a haul for him might be worth it for a team.

For the White Sox, their top two prospects and two good MLB players might be the type of package that it takes. Eloy Jimenez and Michael Kopech are great players but they have another gear they can get to. A change of scenery might get the job done for them.

As for Montgomery and Schultz, they are both amazing but a trade for Trout might require prospects like them. This might not be a trade that the White Sox make but it might be the type of return that the Angels are looking for.