Chicago White Sox: 3 wild trade packages for Mike Trout

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Trade Three

The Chicago White Sox are a team that needs to be more bold.

To White Sox: Mike Trout

To Angels: Colson Montgomery, Luis Robert Jr., Dylan Cease, Noah Schultz

The Chicago White Sox aren't winning anything anytime soon so they might as well be extremely fun to watch. They were both a bad team and a boring team in 2023 so that is never good.

If they made a trade like this, it might hurt their future but they'd add Mike Trout as he continues his Hall of Fame career. Seeing one of the three greatest players ever wear their uniform would certainly put people in the stands for a while.

This trade package is a mix of the first two. Luis Robert Jr. and Dylan Cease are the MLB players in the trade. They are grouped with the top two prospects in the organization in this mock trade. Obviously, that is a lot to give up and would never happen but the Angels might consider a deal like this.

There is a lot of hope that Montgomery and Schultz are going to be good MLB players in a White Sox uniform but that is not guaranteed. White Sox fans should know that by now.

Mike Trout is guaranteed to be a great player. Whoever acquires him knows exactly what they are getting out of him. This is all just to have a fun conversation as it would be fun to see Trout play for the White Sox. It would be nice if they were a good team but that is just not the case right now.

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