Chicago White Sox: This is the best prospect at each position

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The Chicago White Sox are pretty thin at outfield in terms of prospects.

The Chicago White Sox are not very stacked when it comes to outfield prospects. There aren't any in the top ten so it might be a while before they retool the outfield if they decide that is the way they need to go.

Oscar Colas is graduated to being considered an MLB player so the hope is that he can play right field in the long term. Andrew Benintendi and Luis Robert Jr. are pretty locked into their outfield spots as well. With Eloy Jimenez as a DH, they have him available as well.

OF - George Wolkow

George Wolkow was drafted in the 7th round of the 2023 MLB Draft. He is very raw and has a lot of development left to go. He is currently ranked as the number 16 prospect in the system.

OF - Terell Tatum

The Chicago White Sox drafted Terell Tatum in 2021. Now, he is listed as the number 19 prospect but he is second among the outfielders that qualify as prospects.

OF - Jacob Burke

Jacob Burke is right behind Tatum as the 20th overall prospect. He was drafted in 2022 and is the third-best outfield prospect in the system right now. It would be cool to see Burke, along with all of the guys mentioned here, end up having good MLB careers and helping the White Sox win more.

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