The Chicago White Sox finally made a good roster move

Brad Keller was designated for assignment. Jared Shuster appears to be staying with the big-league club.
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago White Sox continue to go with veteran pitchers in their starting rotation despite most of them being ineffective.

Instead of giving young arms like Jonathan Cannon and Nick Nastrini valuable big league experience, the Sox have trotted out Mike Clevinger, Brad Keller, Michael Soroka, and Chris Flexen.

Flexen was demoted to the bullpen at one point this season. He seems to only pitch well against the Tampa Bay Rays.

Soroka was recently sent to the pen. Clevinger still cannot effectively make it through five innings. Keller helped Juan Soto break his slump when he served two home-run balls to the superstar.

Hopefully, we never have to see Brad Keller in a White Sox uniform ever again as he was designated for assignment.

He hopefully ends (if the Sox do not trade him, he could accept an assignment back to the minors and eventually return so you never know) his White Sox career with a 4.86 ERA in 16.2 innings as he surrendered five home runs. His advanced stats were not very good during his time with the Sox. There was nothing wrong with keeping Keller in Triple-A in case the rotation got riddled with injuries. In that instance, it is fine to go with the veteran.

The Sox had younger and better options to go with and yet still went with a former Kansas City Royals pitcher. Therefore, he wasted everyone's time.

He gets no mercy here. Brad Keller was a villain to the Sox fanbase before his arrival after he intentionally threw at Tim Anderson in 2019 after T.A. celebrated hitting a home run off of Keller in a previous at-bat.

The Sox made the right call to get rid of him instead of say demoting Jared Shuster to Triple-A to make room for Dominic Leone's return from the IL.

Thankfully, Shuster is staying up as he has been very good in long relief. Keller was scheduled to start this Thursday against the Baltimore Orioles.

The Sox could send Soroka back to the rotation as he pitched four shutout innings on Saturday in relief for Keller. It would not hurt to have Shuster open the first game of the series against the Orioles.

The White Sox could make a roster move and call up Nastrini or Cannon. It makes sense to promote one of those young arms since both flashed their potential in the brief callup with the big-league club.

Also, the Sox are promoting top pitching prospect Noah Schultz to Double-A and the team's other top pitching prospect, Drew Thorpe, has nothing left to prove there. So moving up Nastrini or Cannon opens a spot for those two parties involved.

The front office has a few days to figure everything out. At least the Sox made the right call not to prolong Keller getting roughed up on the mound every five days.