Where Will the Chicago White Sox Finish in 2024?

Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

The 2024 Major League Baseball season is just a few short days away and fans across the country are gearing up for another exciting season. If you are a Chicago White Sox fan, you might think that you don’t have a lot to look forward to. But you could be wrong. This team could surprise some folks this year even though all the odds appear to be stacked against them.

The ultimate question here is where the White Sox finish when the final gun sounds on the 2024 season. There are a lot of factors that go into this. How will their opponents do? How will the team come together and play? Will they be able to gel quickly and play well over much of the season?

The start of the season is going to be a rough one for the Sox. There are too many parts in new places to expect them to come out of the gate firing on all cylinders. I would suspect that they will stumble and lose quite a few games in their first 20 games. I would venture to say that the White Sox could go 5–15 in those first 20 games. We most certainly hope that they don’t, but they have a lot of work to get started.

Thank goodness for the White Sox, they don’t play in a very tough AL Central. Although, people could be surprised by the Minnesota Twins and the Cleveland Guardians this year. Some see them as numbers one and two (or even flip-flopped) in the AL Central this year. The Detroit Tigers just might have some ability to get past the White Sox this year and I would suspect they will be third in the central when it’s all said and done.

That leaves the Kansas City Royals. This is a team that looks like the White Sox on paper but could end up surprising some folks this year. Will they do enough to put the Sox in last place in the AL Central? I don’t think that they will, but anything is possible.

The Chicago White Sox are going to lose a lot of games this year, it’s true. But they are building towards something better. They are acquiring pieces and making moves that should benefit them in the future. Their farm system is improving. Their younger talent is good and will get even better. This is a team that, after this season, should be on its way up if they don’t do anything to further damage the team i.e. trading away Luis Robert, Jr.

It’s hard to throw out a number when it comes to predicting the White Sox wins and losses. It’s predicted that they are going to lose more than 100 games this year and that’s probably close to being accurate. I think that they hit that 105 loss mark this year and take the team into 2025 in a little bit better position with a few more pieces in place. I think that some of the younger talent will develop in the minors, and they will have some great players available for 2025 and beyond.

White Sox fans should only have to suffer this year. This team will be better in 2025 and beyond. You can bet on it.