Will the Chicago White Sox get back to being competitive sooner than their next opponent, the Washington Nationals?

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Rain washed out last night's game between the Chicago White Sox and the Washington Nationals. Instead, they will play a doubleheader today and then wrap up a three-game set tomorrow.

Both franchises share some things in common. They both saw their competitive windows abruptly end. Injuries were a cause of that happening to both organizations.

The Nationals have a four-year leg up on rebuilding since the Sox hit the reset button at last year's trade deadline. Washington's contention window also was open longer as from 2012-2019, the Nationals finished no lower than second in the NL East. Plus, it ended with a World Series title. The Sox' competitive window lasted two seasons and ended with just two playoff wins.

They both used promising prospects to open a window of being good. However, the Nationals had generational players in Bryce Harper and Juan Soto. Stephen Strasburg was also considered a phenom pitcher when he was coming up. Too bad injuries derailed his career.

Also, Washington was willing to spend to build up a winner. They made big trades too, like when they acquired Adam Eaton from the Sox in exchange for Lucas Giolito, Dane Dunning, and Reynaldo Lopez. The Sox never went out and made enough bold trades or spent big money to put themselves over the top.

The Nationals also declined not because of organizational disarray like the White Sox, but because of attrition and injuries. Anthony Rendon bolted for the West Coast after the 2019 season. Juan Soto refused to sign an extension, and with Washington finishing in last place after 2019, they traded him at the height of his value. Strasburg's body betrayed him and he was unable to pitch much after 2019. Now he is retired.

Those are just some examples of how quickly the Nationals decayed. At least the White Sox have not finished dead last in the division like Washington has done in the NL East the past four seasons. Well, not yet at least.

Since these two teams face each other, it is worth seeing who will get back to being in a title race first.

The advantage goes to Washington when it comes to GM and Manager.

The Nationals have Mike Rizzo running the front office and Davey Martinez managing the club. These two won a World Series together and Rizzo was in charge during those glory days last decade.

The Sox have an unproven, and some say unqualified, first-year GM in Chris Getz, who tried to upgrade the defense this offseason, and the defense is still terrible. Pedro Grifol might be the worst manager in baseball.