Would the Chicago White Sox have gotten better players back had they traded Dylan Cease to the Cincinnati Reds?

The Reds were rumored to have interest in the offseason.
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It has been almost a month since the Chicago White Sox traded starting pitcher Dylan Cease to the San Diego Padres.

Thankfully, Garrett Crochet has emerged as a top-of-the-rotation pitcher to replace him. The Sox also got a good return for their ace.

The White Sox got reliever Steven Wilson who has been off to a solid start this season. Pitcher Drew Thorpe has the best changeup in the minor leagues. He was the 85th-best prospect at the time of the trade and is now up to 79 according to MLB.com. The Sox also received pitching prospect Jairo Iriarte, and outfield prospect Samuel Zavala.

We did a deep dive on the players the Sox got back a few weeks back if you want to read up on them.

The reason the trade is being brought up now is the White Sox' next opponent is the Cincinnati Reds. That was a team that was heavily rumored to be a trade partner during the offseason as they desperately needed starting pitching. The Reds started 17 different pitchers in 2023 and it was a big reason they missed out on the playoffs.

The Reds just lacked a true ace pitcher to get them over the hump. Cease was affordable at $8 million and had another year of club control. It made sense for an emerging small-market club to trade for him.

The problem was the asking price was too high. The Sox were reported to have asked for a major haul in return.

The Reds decided to go with a more cost-effective move in seeing if Frankie Montas could regain the stellar form that he had in Oakland.

Let's say the Reds were able to talk down the Sox to a deal similar to what they got from the Padres. Would the Sox have gotten better prospects back?