Chicago White Sox having a tough time trading power-hitting slugger

The Chicago White Sox haven't found luck trading this player.
Arizona Diamondbacks v Chicago White Sox
Arizona Diamondbacks v Chicago White Sox / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox are entering a new period. The team looks poised to trade Dylan Cease at some point in the season and with that possibly being the case, other veteran players could be on the move, too.

Of the potential players who could be on the move, Eloy Jimenez remains a possibility. In the 2023 season, Jimenez posted a 0.3 WAR with a .272/.317/.441 slash line. His 18 home runs were the second most of his young career.

Despite a decent season from the potential big-time power hitter, Jimenez doesn't seem to have much trade interest. Bruce Levine of 670TheScore reported that he expects him back during the 2024 season.

"There has been very little interest in White Sox DH Eloy Jimenez. Expect the DH back in 2024. Contract- $13 million in 24. Club options of $16.5 mil in 25 and $18.5 mil in 26. Player gets $3 mil if either year is not picked up."

While Eloy certainly has flaws in his game, the 27-year-old might be one of, if not, the best hitter in the White Sox lineup. For a team that struggled as much as they did offensively, they aren't in a spot to allow a guy who can hit 20 home runs to walk.

As the deadline approaches, a contending team could be in the mix for a designated hitter. Chicago likely won't get a ton in return for him if he puts up a similar season as 2023, but it'd be better than letting him walk for nothing.

Jimenez finished top-four in Rookie of the Year voting and won a Silver Slugger in his second season. The potential to be an above-average hitter is there when he puts it all together.

Perhaps he gets sent to whatever team ends up trading for Dylan Cease.