The Chicago White Sox make one good roster move and one that is puzzling

The White Sox are calling up Nick Nastrini to pitch against the Kansas City Royals. They also are reported to have signed Tommy Pham.
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The White Sox are reportedly signing a veteran outfielder which does not make much sense.

The Sox are reportedly going to sign veteran outfielder Tommy Pham.

There is nothing wrong with adding a veteran on a one-year, minor league team. Pham is 36 and helped the Arizona Diamondbacks get to the World Series. He finished with a 1.9 fWAR and 16 home runs. So it is not like he is a terrible player.

This move does not make sense for two reasons...

The first is the timing. Had the White Sox decided to add him before spring training then it would have made more sense.

Sure, it takes two to make a deal, and how long Pham held out to sign with any team makes you wonder when it was going to sink into Tommy's head that he was not going to get a big-money, major-league contract.

The Sox kept adding veteran outfielders like they needed to stock up on them to survive a nuclear winter. Kevin Pillar was cut and then brought back. Robbie Grossman was signed with only a couple of days left in spring training.

The season is lost at this point. Yes, it is April, but this team is even worse than last year, and that season was over after a month as well. In a lost season you need to avoid adding veterans that are going to take away at-bats from players who may contribute down the road.

NBC Sports Chicago's Chuck Garfien tried to make sense of the move that it is a way to get the offense going.

Chuck deserves credit for always trying to be positive. The guy has to sit through 162 of these things, so he should get some grace even though it drives the fanbase nuts. That being said, thinking Tommy Pham is currently going to help an offense that is the absolute worst in baseball is a stretch.

This is the time to see if prospects like Oscar Colas or Zach DeLoach can help. The front office should be using this time to see if players in their 20s can be key pieces to the team in the long run, not some player who had 29 other teams having no problem letting him sit on the free-agent market for as long as he would like.