The Chicago White Sox need some hope but from where?

David Berding/GettyImages

The misery continued for the Chicago White Sox as they were swept by the Minnesota Twins in a four-game series.

Making it even worse was the Sox were awful on their recent seven-game road trip. They were outscored 24-7 in a three-game set last weekend against the Philadelphia Phillies. They followed that up by getting outscored 25-11 by the Twins.

Remember, the Twins lineup was struggling before the series started. All they needed to get things going well at the plate was played the White Sox, the unofficial "get right" team of Major League Baseball.

The Sox had a chance to win on Thursday as starting pitcher Michael Soroka was cruising through five innings with a 2-0 lead in his pocket. Then he gave up back-to-back dingers in the sixth and Tanner Banks could not keep the game tied after he came on in relief.

The Sox must find a way to beat the Tampa Bay Rays this weekend if they hope to snap this season-high seven-game losing streak. The Rays are not off to a strong start, but this is a franchise that usually has the Southsiders number. It would not be shocking to see the losing streak grow.

The White Sox continue to find new ways to find a bottom. Only the 1988 Baltimore Orioles and the 2003 Detroit Tigers can sympathize with the start the White Sox are having. The Orioles and Tigers held someone accountable for those terrible starts.

The Sox are directionless with the roster general manager Chris Getz put together. Making it worse, is the team is being led by a manager who is in way over his head in Pedro Grifol.

This team has no hope right now especially with no reward for all this losing as the White Sox are ineligible to get the No. 1 overall pick in next year's draft.

So where is any hope supposed to come from?

You can point to the White Sox having just three players with guaranteed contracts next season. Considering the Sox rarely spend big money in free agency, having all that payroll flexibility probably means nothing.

The young pitcher in the organization is the one thing that provides hope that better days are ahead.

The White Sox have the potential to have a young, cheap, controllable, and talented starting rotation. Now, health and development must be on the Sox side, but the White Sox have the potential to have a starting rotation of Garrett Crochet, who is struggling right now but is still at the top of the league in strikeouts along with electric stuff, Nick Nastrini, Jonathan Cannon, Drew Thorpe, and Jairo Iriarte.

Do not forget about Noah Schultz either, he is the White Sox' top pitching prospect. Ky Bush is also a solid pitching prospect in his own right.

As the Milwaukee Brewers and Tampa Bay Rays have shown, if you can get good starting pitching during a couple of pitchers' controllable years, your team has a chance to be competitive. Heck, the book Moneyball loves to credit all the moves the Oakland A's made in the 2000s, but they were also competitive they had Tim Hudson, Barry Zito, and Mike Mulder.

Also, catching prospect Edgar Quero is off to a .962 OPS start and five dingers at Double-A, he is the fifth-best prospect in the organization. Top prospect Colson Montgomery is off to a slow start at Triple-A, but he does have three home runs to kick off the season.

The biggest place the White Sox can get some hope is by having an outstanding draft this year. They do have the No. 5 overall pick. That pick cannot be a bust. The Sox also need to get at least five to ten big-league players out of this draft to start building up hope.