Chicago White Sox Opening Day Roster Projection

The hope is the team does not lose 100 games this year.
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The Chicago White Sox are projected to win more games than they did last season but not by much. Fangraphs projects the Sox will win 67 games in 2024. That is only a six-win improvement from last season.

So much for things turning around quickly on the Southside.

One reason for that is the White Sox players' total projected fWAR is the third-worst in the majors. Another reason is the White Sox starting rotation (we will get to that shortly) lacks a true ace now that Dylan Cease has been traded. Heck, the starting rotation lacks a true No. 3 pitcher right now. Garrett Crochet, who has never started a game in his major-league career, is slated to be the Opening Day starter.

Let's not also forget the spring training roster is crawling with former Kansas City Royals. Hey, the team is going through another rebuild whether ownership refuses to accept it or not and you need players to plug the holes in the roster until the prospects are ready. It just would be nice if they did not come from an organization that consistently finishes worse than the Sox.

Just because the season is going to be bad, it does not mean there are reasons you should not watch. If spring training is any indication of how things will go on the field, do not expect a ton of winning. A roster that is not very talented is the biggest reason this team will not be competing for a playoff spot despite being in the weak AL Central.

As spring training wraps up, here is how the initial 26-man roster could look on Opening Day...

Catcher: Martin Maldonado (starter) and Max Stassi

The Sox were weak defensively at catcher with Yasmani Grandal behind the plate. Now that he is gone, general manager Chris Getz focused on bringing in catchers who can do more than frame a pitch.

Maldonado and Stassi were both added in the offseason to provide better defense behind the plate and work better with the pitching staff.

The downside is that neither is going to hit much.

Maldonado's projected slash line according to Fangraphs is .184/.258/.348 with just nine home runs and wRC+ of 66. He is currently hitting below .100 in spring training.

Stassi's projected slash line is .209/.293/.355 with eight home runs and wRC+ of 79. He is currently batting below .200 in spring training.

Both are placeholders until prospects Korey Lee and Edgar Quero are ready to take over. Lee was terrible during his brief time with the Sox last season. He is hitting above .300 in spring training and still has potential to at least be a competent backup catcher.

Quero is the Sox's fifth-best prospect and is expected to be the future starter.

It would not be surprising to see Lee up at some point if Maldonado or Stassi being automatic outs leads to needing a bit more offense from that position.