Chicago White Sox pitcher Garrett Crochet is becoming a must-watch player

He was outstanding again in his second career start.

Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago White Sox finally won a game, and it was mostly because of starting pitcher Garrett Crochet.

Crochet followed up his amazing Opening Day start when he silenced the Atlanta Braves' destructive offense on Tuesday night at Guaranteed Rate Field. Crochet allowed just one run on three hits along with eight strikeouts and one walk in seven innings of work.

The only Braves' run off of Crochet came on a homer by Pablo Ozuna in the seventh inning when it looked like he was tired out. Garrett rallied back to get out of the inning.

The man who threw only 73 career innings before this season now has pitched in 13 this season. His stuff keeps getting better as the game goes on.

The fear was the starting rotation was going to be awful after Dylan Cease was traded during the spring training. It looks like the Sox might have a capable replacement in Crochet at the top of the rotation.

It is just two starts, so throwing the ace label on him might be premature. Crochet needs to put together a couple more outstanding starts to reach that level. Plus, he needs to prove his left arm can hold up over the rigors of a 162-game season. We are talking about a guy who missed the entire 2022 season after Tommy John surgery and also had some bumps trying to get back last season.

The league is going to get more data on him as a starter and start to adjust to him as well.

That does not mean you should not be excited about Crochet.

The guy's stuff is just amazing to watch. Through two starts, he has shown he is appointment television.

99mph fastballs and 95mph cutters with pinpoint location is something that even Frank Thomas would struggle to hit. Every pitch he throws usually comes with a wow reaction after it pops into the catcher's mitt, well at least in my household.

The Sox are going to be bad this season with an offense that is struggling to score runs. They are projected to lose more than 90 games and it looked like Luis Robert Jr. was the only player worth watching. Add Crochet to the list because, through two games, Garrett has shown you better tune in because he will put on a show.