This Chicago White Sox player could be trade bait

Chicago White Sox v Cleveland Guardians
Chicago White Sox v Cleveland Guardians / Jason Miller/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox do not have a lot of talent on their roster.

From top to bottom, side to side, it’s one of the weakest and least talented teams in all of baseball. From starting pitching, to the offense and on through the bullpen, this team is really in dire straits. This horrid start is historic and it’s not the kind of history that we enjoy living through.

It stinks.

But there is a bright side to everything. While the White Sox may not appear to be a talented team, there are a few bright spots on the team to consider. Some players are stepping up and playing somewhat well. Gavin Sheets is one. When he’s hot he’s hot. Garrett Crochet is another and he’s going to be a star in the league. You have the guys that are injured right now, Luis Robert, Jr, Yoan Moncada, and Eloy Jimenez who are either stars or have star potential.

There is one player that we haven’t mentioned yet who is just starting to bud into a real star and that’s Michael Kopech. It’s true, we haven’t seen a lot of big-time ability out of him just yet but what we have seen is very good and he’s going to get better. The guy mowed down batters the other night with some pretty fast pitching. He’s going to do it again.

Kopech is the real deal.

The White Sox are a team in transition. They are rebuilding and looking for more pieces to fit in their puzzle. Right now, it would be great if Kopech continued to bud and build eventually turning into an all-star. He has that kind of potential. What should the White Sox do with someone with that kind of potential? They should keep him, right?


The White Sox are a team in transition that needs to be built utilizing young talent. They need to add a lot of pieces to get the right formula together to make things right. That’s why they should continue to develop Kopech but when he hits something close to his zenith, look for suitors to trade with. This would benefit the White Sox and make them a better team.

Now granted, having a strong and productive Kopech would make them a decent team, especially in the bullpen. If Kopech could be the closer for the Sox, which they need, that would be awesome. If he could be the closer on another team and get the White Sox a nice “haul” in return that would be even better.

Some may think that this is all a pipe dream and it just might be. Kopech isn’t consistent just yet. He’s got work to do but if he can turn himself into something special, before this season’s trade deadline, then teams are going to come calling looking for a reliever/closer. Kopech could be their guy.

Now, if the White Sox can just make sure that they get a good return for him. That might be where they struggle but hopefully, they can get a nice group of guys back and keep building towards the future.