Chicago White Sox Rumors: Lots of coaches aren't returning

Boston Red Sox v Chicago White Sox
Boston Red Sox v Chicago White Sox / Ron Vesely/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox were a bad team in 2022 even though they were 81-81 which was good for second place in their division. When you come in with World Series expectations, a .500 record is simply not good enough. As a result, changes are happening.

The White Sox already made a managerial hire as Tony La Russa isn't coming back. Pedro Grifol is the guy and he will be brought in to try and get this team going again. He is now the former bench coach for the Kansas City Royals.

It sounds like we know of a few moves made with the coaches from the old staff at this point. For one, Ethan Katz is going to be brought back as the pitching coach. He is the only coach on the staff in 2022 that didn't fail miserably at his job. There is room for improvement but the pitching was far from the biggest concern.

Now, based on some reports out there, there are some coaches that won't be brought back. Frank Menechino, Daryl Boston, and Joe McEwing are among the names not returning to the team. Honestly, it is sad to say that none of these guys deserve to return.

The Chicago White Sox desperately need to create a good coaching staff.

There were some bad base running decisions made this season and they couldn't hit at all. This team has offensive talent that has produced before but it all went bad with their new approach in 2022. The new coaches that are brought in are going to have pressure on them to see these numbers improve.

2023 is going to be a new look coaching staff and it was something that should have happened in 2022. If this season goes poorly too, there needs to be a shake-up with the core.

You can make a claim that the front office needs a shake-up right now but that must happen if they are still bad in 2023. The coaching staff/manager certainly won't be an excuse again.

It is a shame that it didn't work with this coaching staff but moves had to be made. With a new group in place, you might see the overall attitude and approach of the team be better. This is a big step towards a return to being a great team in 2023 for the south siders.

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