The Chicago White Sox should follow the Baltimore Orioles' plan toward building a winning team

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports
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The Baltimore Orioles should be the envy of every Chicago White Sox fan.

The franchise just got a new owner. They have a roster full of young exciting players who are winning games and contending for the playoffs.

The Orioles are in town and wiped the floor with the Sox in the first game of a four-game set. Well, at least for eight innings. The Sox rallied back in the ninth to get within two runs and we denied a comeback victory on a terrible call.

Terrible call aside, the White Sox are still a terrible team whether they would have come back to win or not.

The Sox could get back to winning if they follow the path the Baltimore Orioles took to go from a terrible franchise to 101 wins last season.

The Orioles were the worst team in baseball from 2017-2021. They lost 115 games in 2018, 108 in 2019, and 110 in 2021. The Sox are on the same trend.

General manager Mike Elias completely revamped the Orioles organization when he was hired in 2018. The organization had just one analytical analyst and now it has a staff in the double digits. He also brought in additional assistants to the front office from winning organizations that would help rebuild a terrible farm system.

Relatively new general manager Chris Getz has also brought in some very capable front-office executives to help him. Now he needs to execute in the draft just like Elias has done for the Orioles.