The Chicago White Sox should follow the Baltimore Orioles' plan toward building a winning team

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports
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The Orioles are competing with the likes of the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox for AL East dominance on a small budget.

Their payroll is around $111 million according to Spotrac.

That is why Getz must convince owner Jerry Reinsdorf to invest in making sure the White Sox are one of the best drafting and development teams. Reinsdorf does not like to spend money on free agents to begin with. He has made it clear he is not a fan of paying a shortstop $200 million to hit .210 (a perceived dig at the Minnesota Twins he made last year).

He can spend some money on the farm system and the tools needed to be successful in the very inexact science that is the draft. Then he gets a significant return on investment like having a young exciting ball club that wins on a smaller payroll. Now eventually that bill comes due once the players hit the arbitration years, but you can always operate wisely like the Tampa Bay Rays or the Milwaukee Brewers do and have reinforcements ready to go.

The final thing that the Orioles have done well is build an offense suited to the ballpark they play at 81 times a year. Camden Yards is a great home run park, so finding power bats in the draft is the way to go. The White Sox need to get back to bashing the ball much like NBC Sports Chicago Steve Stone pointed out recently.

The Sox farm system is loaded with young arms. They should continue to mirror developing pitchers much like their division rival the Cleveland Guardians do. They should take a page out of Baltimore's book and draft great hitting then nurture it. Put those together and maybe the Sox will get back to being a good baseball team.