Chicago White Sox TV broadcaster has started a feud with a local radio station

A comment made by the team's play-by-play announcer during last night's TV broadcast upset some radio personalities.
Quinn Harris/GettyImages

John Schriffen's first couple of weeks as the Chicago White Sox new television play-by-play announce has been rocky.

There was a belief that he took a shot at skeptical White Sox fans with his call of Andrew Benintendi's walk-off home run when he mentioned the haters in his call.

Schriffen decided to clarify his comments not by going on local radio, but instead talking with team-friendly reporter Scott Merkin. For the record, Merkin does an outstanding job covering the team, but remember, he gets paid by Major League Baseball. Again, not a shot at Merkin's work, tends to be skewed toward feature stories and not hard-hitting criticism when it is warranted.

Going that route did not make him very popular with the local media. Especially since he replaced Jason Benetti, who was beloved by the Sox fanbase and had deep ties to the local media personalities, who left under very controversial circumstances.

Benetti was allowed to leave the Sox broadcast booth and go to the Tigers in part because owner Jerry Reinsdorf did not get Jason's humor and wanted a broadcaster who could do as many games as possible (Benetti had other broadcast commitments with Fox and Peacock).

Well, Schriffen's latest broadcast comment is not going to make him many friends, especially with local radio station, 670 the Score.

Gordon Beckham flubbed a television read and Schriffen made a dig. As you can see, it did not go over well with 670 the Score personalities. Especially, since Schriffen did not say it playfully.

The belief is that the Score has it out for the Sox because they are the Cubs radio flagship.

They did have a recent tweet pointing out to the bright future of Chicago sports and there was no mention of the White Sox.

The one thing every Sox fan has to take into account is right now the team does not have young, exciting player. Well, at least one that is healthy. Luis Robert Jr. has been on the IL for a good part of his career. Bryan Ramos was showing flashes of being an exciting player, but he is now on the IL. Garrett Crochet is fun to watch on the mound, but he only plays every five days.

Plus, the Sox becoming irrelevant in this town is self-inflicted. The team let a contention window abruptly slam shut because of cheap ownership, a front office in disarray, and two terrible managers. When Reinsdorf had the chance to completely change the perception of the franchise when he fired long-time front office leaders Kenny Williams and Rick Hahn, he just promoted an unqualified Chris Getz without ever interviewing an outside candidate.

The main reason Schriffen probably took the dig (Schriffen has not commented as of when this piece has been posted) was the station criticized him for mispronouncing former owner Bill Veeck. Veeck is an important part of team history, so it is probably not a great look for the new play-by-play announcer to mispronounce his name.

However, this is not the first time the Sox TV broadcast and the Score have had a feud.

Hall of Fame broadcaster Hawk Harrelson and Score hosts Terry Boers and Dan Bernstein famously feuded. Now, it looks like Schriffen will be feuding specifically with Parkins and Spiegel show.