Chicago White Sox will begin their 2023 campaign on the national stage

Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox
Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox were an absolute disappointment in 2022. They went 81-81 in a year that many thought they were going to compete for an American League pennant and maybe even the World Series. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case for the Southsiders.

Instead, they made a managerial change and there is going to be some turnover with the roster. They are certainly going to look a little bit different when the beginning of the 2023 season gets underway. We can only hope that it becomes one of those bounce-back years.

What they hope is a redemption year will begin a little bit differently than usual. It is going to take place as the league's season opener on ESPN. It is going to be against the defending World Series champion Houston Astros on the national stage.

Of course, that is going to be an incredibly hard game and series. We all know about how good the Houston Astros are as they literally dominated through the 2022 postseason. They only lost two games and they both came in the World Series against the red-hot Philadelphia Phillies.

The Astros didn't need to get hot because they were just simply the best team. Their pitching is amazing and very hard to beat on a regular basis. They will bring more of that right out of the gate in 2023 so the White Sox will need to be ready.

The Chicago White Sox will have their hands full from the start in 2023.

It is nice that the White Sox get to start the season with a little bit of pressure. They were a weak team in 2022 when it came to the big moments so this will test them right away. The big boys need to step up from games 1-162 in order to be a great club.

This will also be the MLB coaching debut of Pedro Grifol. After many years inside the Kansas City Royals organization, most recently as the bench coach, it is time for him to get his shot. This is a great way to be thrown right into the fire.

Before we get there, the White Sox need to make some big moves during the offseason and get ready during spring training.

By the time March 30th rolls around, they will have had plenty of rest, rehabilitation, and talent added in order to compete. Hopefully, they can get off to a hot start with the whole world watching them on the national stage.

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