Maybe the Chicago White Sox will not be historically bad this season after all

They will still be bad. Just not bad enough to go down in history.
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After this recent stretch of playing better, it is worth looking into how the Sox compare to those teams of infamy.

The Sox are two games behind the 62 Mets at this point as New York was 12-26 on May 27. The Mets were also in the middle of a 17-game losing streak at this time. The White Sox have been able to keep The Amazin Mets best month came in May with a 9-17 record. The Mets went on to lose 120 games.

The longest win streak the Mets had that season was three games. New York went 23-59 during the first half of the season. They also went 17-61 in the second half of the season. At least, the Mets were shut out less than the Sox as the Amazin's were only blanked six times that season.

The 1988 Baltimore Orioles lost 21 consecutive games to start the season as that team lost 107 games. The Orioles were 6-32 after 38 games, so at least the Sox are ahead of their pace.

Orioles were shut out 14 times that season and the longest win streak was four games.

The 03 Tigers went 43-119 and were 9-29 after 38 games. May was their best month with an 11-18 record. They were shut out 17 times that season. The longest win streak was four games with their longest losing streak bening 11.

Last year’s Oakland A’s went 50-112. They were 8-30 after 38 games and got shutout 16 times last season. They had the longest win streak of these terrible teams when they won seven in a row. Their longest losing streak was 11 games.