Maybe the Chicago White Sox will not be historically bad this season after all

They will still be bad. Just not bad enough to go down in history.
Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports
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Fangraphs still projects the White Sox to have a terrible season.

Their projection has the Sox going 50-74 the rest of the season. That is still 102 losses, but it is not historical awful Heck, they have the Rockies finishing with just 58 wins.

The only thing to take into account if you want the White Sox to really be historically terrible is the White Sox will continue to trade off veterans. They should trade Fedde, Flexen, Pham, and Eloy along with Michael Kopech and John Brebbia.

While it makes sense for the team's long-term future to trade those veterans and give playing time to the youngsters, it also means the young guns might not rack up many wins after the deadline.

There is also talk of having Crochet pitch fewer innings in the second half so that removes a stopper in the rotation. Hey, if that leads to more losses, hopefully more experience is gained for future pieces on the next winning White Sox team.