Could Reinsdorf's meeting with Nashville mayor lead to White Sox leaving Chicago?

The White Sox stadium situation is a hot topic especially since their owner just met with the mayor of a potential new home c
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The Major League Baseball Winter Meetings took place this week in Nashville, Tennessee. They have since concluded. They were quieter than usual but there is still plenty of news to talk about. When it comes to the Chicago White Sox, there is no good news.

Outside of taking a chance on Erick Fedde, there hasn't been a lot of baseball news coming out of their camp in Chicago. The thing that stole the biggest headlines was the meeting that took place between owner Jerry Reinsdorf and Nashville Mayor Freddie O'Connell.

This is big news as Reinsdorf has hinted at Nashville over the last year when talking about the White Sox moving away from Guaranteed Rate Field when the lease expires in six years.

White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf met with Nashville Mayor Freddie O'Connell

News like this is not going to help Jerry Reinsdorf as a businessman. The way he handles the Chicago White Sox is not the best way to run a baseball team. The team is bad in large part because they didn't spend money to supplement the young talent that they put together.

He is at fault more than any other executive that the organization has had making decisions recently. He is cheap and doesn't care about winning.

Nobody knows the nature of the conversation between O'Connell and Reinsdorf and the team is not commenting on it further, but it is bad timing as far as how it looks to the public. We have known for a long time, however, that Jerry doesn't care about how things look.

This team could be a dominant force in Chicago but they refuse to always be in on winning. Reinsdorf is a big reason for that. If he just moved them after all these years of frustration, it would be a disgrace to this organization that has so much history.

On the baseball side of things, Reinsdorf's team is mostly focused on cutting payroll and trading Dylan Cease. There is essentially no shot that they compete in 2024 and they aren't even trying.

It is very hard to be a fan of this team at this point. The attendance numbers that they will see next year should reflect that. Jerry Reinsdorf is a terrible owner and the fanbase knows it. The thought of them moving to Nashville is disgusting and should be resisted.

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