December hopes to bring better days for the Chicago White Sox

Chicago White Sox v San Diego Padres
Chicago White Sox v San Diego Padres / Denis Poroy/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox were bad in 2022. They entered the year with high hopes despite being in the middle of a league-wide lockout. It was a group that looked poised to repeat as American League Central Division champions but they came up way short.

The Cleveland Guardians ended up winning the division because they played better/smarter baseball all year long while the White Sox continued to play poorly. The White Sox went 81-81in a year that they played terribly which is a sign that they can bounce back in 2023.

Now, we are in December which is the final month of the calendar month of the year but one of the biggest months of the baseball year. This is the time when the White Sox can go out there and improve their chances to win in 2023 and beyond.

The Winter Meetings start next week and lots of players will sign for a lot of money during that time. The White Sox have made moves at this event in recent years but most of them have ended up hurting the team in the long run. It would be nice for things to change for them this time around.

The Chicago White Sox need some big moves made over this winter.

Jose Abreu is gone and Mike Clevinger is on his way in. Those are two things that are going to affect the White Sox in one way or another but more moves need to be made.

Right now, with Clevinger in the mix, the rotation is five righties deep. It might be a situation where the team should add a lefty to the group. Whether that means trading one of thier righties or having a six-man rotation, something needs to be addressed there.

The White Sox also need to figure out second base and both corner outfields. Andrew Vaughn is going to be the first baseman now and Eloy Jimenez needs to be the DH. That leaves left field open and they have needed a right fielder for a long time. Gavin Sheets should not be the answer.

If they are deciding that Oscar Colas is the guy in right, that is fine but they better be sure and let him play out there through some growing pains.

They also need a new second baseman really badly. That should be one of the top priorities for the entire team this off-season. The less Leury Garcia we see in 2023, the better.

December is a month that some of these pressing needs can be addressed. Even though the White Sox aren't a team that instills all this confidence in its fans, there is still hope that they will prove everyone wrong.

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