Dream Chicago White Sox starting lineup for the 2024 season

Arizona Diamondbacks v Chicago White Sox
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Batting sixth for the dream White Sox is designated hitter Eloy Jimenez.

When Eloy Jimenez is healthy, he can be a game-breaking type of player at the plate. If they have guys like Teoscar Hernandez, Luis Robert Jr., and Andrew Benintendi in the outfield, there is no reason to have Jimenez anywhere else besides the designated hitter position.

He didn't have a complete season of health in 2023 but it was one of his healthier to date. He showed what he can do at times but he still leaves us wanting more. We saw him scratch the surface of what he can be in the 2019 season and now we want to see that again.

In 2023, he had 120 games played which is two shy of his career high that he hit in 2019. This time, he had 18 home runs, 64 RBIs, and 50 runs scored. He slashed .272/.317/.441 for an OPS of .758. Like Vaughn, these aren't bad numbers but we know there is more to unlock in there.

If he gets back to what we know he can be, batting him higher in the order would be ideal but if the group looks like this, hitting sixth could be great for him. He'd be protecting some good hitters again with the hope that he feels good all year long.